Carter’s and OshKosh Finds for Girls – Spring/Summer 2018

Anyone still out there?  I know it has been a while since my last post.  I started this blog when I was pregnant with C and had a little more time on my hands since B was in school two days a week and I didn’t have kiddo numero dos.  Blogging has admittedly fallen to the bottom of my to-do list, but I am not ready to say I am done.

I am back to share with you some amazing Carter’s / OshKosh finds for your little girls because what better than adorable (and affordable) clothing for warm weather to get the blog back up and running?

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Photography Love

So I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to posting this Summer.  We’ve been having a busy one, and things are getting even busier as back-to-school nears.  Lately if during the girls’ nap time I am not walking around my house with a paintbrush and a can of paint like a crazy woman painting samples everywhere because we are changing the color of our house (body, trim, shutters, window boxes and all), I’ve taken to admiring beautiful architecture (see prior post) and art online.

I love all forms of art but more recently have become enamored with photography.  Read on for some lust-worthy pieces. Continue reading “Photography Love”

My Spanish/Mediterranean Style Home Infatuation

Let me begin by saying I love our home and we have no plans of moving in the near or even not-so-near future.  However, T and I have always talked about how much fun we’d have purchasing an older home and renovating it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that home may just have to be in the Spanish/Mediterranean style.  Maybe it was my early years spent in San Diego, or Tyler’s entire childhood in Texas, or our love for Spanish food and wine — but we both love this style.  I may have even located said home just a few miles from our current one, and some sleuthing shows it has had the same owner for 40+ years (probably making it the perfect project for when/if it ever goes on the market).

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Napa Valley Guide Part 1: Dining

We had so much fun in Napa celebrating T’s 35th and our 10th Anniversary.  It was just what the doctor ordered, and we returned refreshed, with oodles of wine, and with a bit more wine knowledge.

I thought it would be best to break up our travels in to two posts — (1) dining and (2) drinking.  Read on for a rundown of where we ate in Napa (and a few great places in Sausalito/San Francisco too).

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Living the Wolf Style: Baby & Toddler Swimsuit (2017 Edition)

I think I’ve got the girls covered this pool seasons thanks to Boden, Carter’s, Oscar de La Renta and J. Crew’s adorable swimwear.  Read on for some great options if you are still looking for some swimwear for your baby and/or toddler girl.  I’ve also included some picks for the boys.

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Whole Wheat Cinnamon Banana Nut Muffins

My go-to breakfast options are whole wheat toast topped with some nut butter (peanut, pecan, almond or cashew) and sliced bananas, oatmeal, Greek yogurt with fruit, and smoothies.  However, some times it is nice to have a baked good.   So, I’ve tried out quite a few muffin recipes and have been combining what I (and my family) liked about each to come up with my own perfect little muffin.  As you will see, it is all real food.  The only sweetener is the banana and the maple syrup, the flour is whole wheat, and there are no yucky oils.

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A Year of Blogging

It has officially been one year since I ventured in to the blogosphere.  Thank you to all of my readers — whether you’ve only stopped by to read one particular post or have read each and every one.  Blogging has been so much fun for me and, if I am being honest, it has helped me organize my own thoughts and has kept me from getting bored (or watching too much TV) during the girls’ nap time.  It may have also kept me from exercising during their nap time, but that is neither here nor there. 

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