Upping Your Family’s Holiday Pajama Game

There is something about this cold weather that makes you want to stay in your pajamas just a little longer — especially on the weekends.  I am actually writing this in my pajamas while my husband chases B around the neighborhood on a scooter and C is taking her morning nap.

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Entertaining Your Toddler at Home

I’ve been trying to find ways to entertain B (my very active almost two and a half year old) at home.  Of course school (just two days a week for three hours each day) and park time account for a lot of our day.  However, we have a lot of down time at home now that baby sister is here.  Here are some of the activities that have been a big hit around the Wolf Den.

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Panko Chicken

Panko chicken cutlets, along with my baked salmon (see my earlier post), have been in heavy rotation here at the Wolf Den – mostly because they are easy, healthy, and delicious dinners.   Depending on your side, dinner can be ready in less than 20 minutes.

Once you’ve made these a few times, you won’t even need a recipe and will find yourself dreaming up new sides or accompaniments depending on your mood and what’s in your fridge/pantry.

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Fall Shoe Update

I am in desperate need of updating my fall shoes.  Back during my lawyer days, I had shoe shelves upon shoe shelves of fancy pumps and the occasional weekend shoe or boot.  Now, my needs have completely reversed.

I’ve tried to prioritize what I need and buy quality over quantity.  A good pair of shoes will last you a long time if you take care of it (and if you don’t keep having babies that make your feet grow half a size).

I love a good heeled boot.  I love the height it gives me, but I can still chase my kiddos around when I am wearing them.  These booties from Nordstrom’s BP line are a steal.  I buy a pair every year and wear them into the ground.  I’ve always bought the brown leather ones, but I might try something new this year.


These Rag & Bone booties may be my Fall splurge.  I figure if I get them in the camel color, I can wear them with black and brown, and I can dress them up or down.   Right? 


Here are some other great options at various price points and heel heights.


Joie Barlow Bootie


Vince Haider Bootie


Vince Harriet Booties

These are pretty fab too.   Like biker-chick chic.


Rag & Bone Harlow Booties

And while we are on the topic of boots, check out these beauties from Ann Mashburn.


There is nothing more classic and luxurious than Tod’s loafers.  They feel as good as they smell.  If you are lucky enough to have a Tod’s store where you live, I highly suggest visiting it if for nothing more than the contact high.


*Update – I’ve just discovered these M. Gemi loafers (at a much reasonable price point).  I haven’t tried them, but aren’t they gorgeous?  Anyone have any feedback on these puppies?*


I love my Vince Blair shoes and am either going to purchase a black pair or try these similar ones from Joie.  The Blair shoe in velvet is pretty fab too.

nmx2u04_mu-2 nmx38jr_mu

These have been great for running errands, cross-training and walking.


And, just for kicks, let’s all pause and admire these beauties from Prada.  Slightly rounded toe?  Check.  Textured leather?  Double check.  Platform that makes the high heel a little more manageable?  Triple check.  I’d probably wear them once a month if I was lucky.  Sigh.  Lawyer Katie would’ve worn these into the ground.



Powder Room Ponderings

I’ve recently promised myself that I wouldn’t tackle any interior design projects for a year.  We’ve been in our house for over three years now, and the first three years demanded a lot of time and funds to get things situated.  In that time period, we went from a charming little two bedroom house to our much larger five bedroom house and from having no kids to two kids.

removeNow that my daughter’s big girl room is done, I am taking a break until next Fall.  I promise.  I promise.  But, until then, I can dream and scheme of my next project . . . the powder room.

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An Eclectic Big Girl Room

I love all things interior design, and although I had lots of help with most of my house (thank you Emily at Wyatt Designs), I really wanted to tackle the nursery, play room and any potential big girl or big boy rooms on my own — mostly because I didn’t want to break the bank on a child’s room, but also because kiddo spaces are the spaces I find the most joy in decorating.  I am still not ruling this out as a potential career because at some point I will stop having my own kid’s rooms to decorate . . .

I began planning my daughter’s big girl room around the same time I started thinking about her nursery.  Once we found out we were expecting another girl last fall, I decided that the current nursery would stay the nursery and started to implement my ideas for the big girl room.

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Cocktails for a Crowd: The Basil Lemon Drop

Whenever we have people over, I never want anyone to leave hungry or thirsty.  For drinks, wine and beer are always good standbys to have on hand, but I love to have a cocktail to offer my guests.  Of course, the bar is always open (and well stocked with a variety of liquor and mixers), but I’ve found that people are more likely to have a pre-made cocktail than to make themselves a vodka soda or a bourbon rocks off the bar.  So, I bring to you my most favorite cocktail for a crowd — the basil lemon drop. Continue reading “Cocktails for a Crowd: The Basil Lemon Drop”

Energy Bites (three ways)

So this mom of two business while nursing and trying to drop the baby weight is kicking my butt.  Trying to stay hydrated when you are carrying a baby from room to room with no free hands for a water and when your toddler is constantly stealing your water (or putting her hands in it) is no easy feat.  I also find that I am constantly hungry with no time for a proper healthy snack.

Since I am working on dropping the baby weight, I can’t just grab whatever is easy because most of the time, the easiest snacks are the least healthy (I’m looking at you Starbucks drive-thru pumpkin loaf and you Nature Valley sweet and salty bars).  For example, I was horrified to discover that my little sweet and salty bar (which is 170 calories) has so many ingredients.  Y’all – I stopped counting at 22 ingredients.  Yes, 22 ingredients.

So, I typically reach for a Granny Smith Apple (with or without peanut butter depending on how hungry I am), Greek yogurt or some sliced turkey (try the Boar’s Head all natural turkey – it taste like Thanksgiving turkey and not some slimly substitute).  Lately though, I’ve been getting pretty bored with these options and also want something I can throw in my purse.  Enter – the energy bite!

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Toddler Girl: Back to School Edition

It’s Fall y’all!  And that means back to school for a lot of the kiddos out there.  I’ve always had a weakness for fall clothes — and it is no different when it comes to my little ones.  It’s a shame I live in the South, because 80% of my wardrobe is meant for 60 degrees or cooler.  My oldest just started preschool twice a week, and I’ve been having too much fun buying fall clothes for her (meanwhile the little one is living in cotton footies and onesies).

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Blue Apron – An Honest Review & Some Tips

This may be the only online review of Blue Apron that isn’t somehow sponsored, but I had to share my surprising love for it.  I honestly never would’ve tried it, but my mother-in-law kindly purchased us a month subscription to help simplify our dinnertime routine.  And y’all – I am a huge fan.  I totally plan on continuing our subscription.

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