A Year of Blogging

It has officially been one year since I ventured in to the blogosphere.  Thank you to all of my readers — whether you’ve only stopped by to read one particular post or have read each and every one.  Blogging has been so much fun for me and, if I am being honest, it has helped me organize my own thoughts and has kept me from getting bored (or watching too much TV) during the girls’ nap time.  It may have also kept me from exercising during their nap time, but that is neither here nor there. 

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Pantry Overhaul

Spring is officially here, and I’ve been carrying out some Spring cleaning here at the Wolf Den.  The first order of business was our pantry, and I am happy to say I totally conquered that last weekend.

I’ve always thought our pantry was fairly organized and clean.   I grouped like things together and kept up on food that needed to be tossed.  Boy was I wrong.   Once I decided to empty out the entire thing, I saw just how many near empty bags, boxes, etc. of food I had.  I even found some moldy bread and expired canned goods.  Yuck. Continue reading “Pantry Overhaul”

Cocktail Shaker Iced Coffee

Cocktails for breakfast!  Just kidding.  As I write this and after I’ve made one of these yummy iced coffees, there are two men installing a TV in my bedroom who probably heard my cocktail shaker going at 9:00 am, so I am pretty sure they think I am a little intense . . .

But seriously y’all, this recipe I dreamed up after being inspired by the iced latte at Kale Me Krazy elevates your hum drum iced coffee without any added refined sugars and with a boost of good-for-you ceylon cinnamon.

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Capturing the Ever-Elusive Family Photo

It is that time of year again.  The leaves are falling, my caffeine orders have switched from cold to hot and we just finished up our family photos for our Christmas card.  I could not be more excited!  It is my favorite time of year!

Since I am fresh off of the photo session, I thought I’d offer some tips on dressing your family for photos and some tips for getting that ever-elusive winner of a photo for your holiday card and choosing the card.

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Entertaining Your Toddler at Home

I’ve been trying to find ways to entertain B (my very active almost two and a half year old) at home.  Of course school (just two days a week for three hours each day) and park time account for a lot of our day.  However, we have a lot of down time at home now that baby sister is here.  Here are some of the activities that have been a big hit around the Wolf Den.

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Powder Room Ponderings

I’ve recently promised myself that I wouldn’t tackle any interior design projects for a year.  We’ve been in our house for over three years now, and the first three years demanded a lot of time and funds to get things situated.  In that time period, we went from a charming little two bedroom house to our much larger five bedroom house and from having no kids to two kids.

removeNow that my daughter’s big girl room is done, I am taking a break until next Fall.  I promise.  I promise.  But, until then, I can dream and scheme of my next project . . . the powder room.

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An Eclectic Big Girl Room

I love all things interior design, and although I had lots of help with most of my house (thank you Emily at Wyatt Designs), I really wanted to tackle the nursery, play room and any potential big girl or big boy rooms on my own — mostly because I didn’t want to break the bank on a child’s room, but also because kiddo spaces are the spaces I find the most joy in decorating.  I am still not ruling this out as a potential career because at some point I will stop having my own kid’s rooms to decorate . . .

I began planning my daughter’s big girl room around the same time I started thinking about her nursery.  Once we found out we were expecting another girl last fall, I decided that the current nursery would stay the nursery and started to implement my ideas for the big girl room.

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My Postpartum Momiform

Postpartum clothes should be a category all to themselves.  Maternity clothes just don’t cut it in the postpartum period – mostly because you are no longer pregnant but also because they are made to emphasize the one thing you are ready to disguise — the bump (except now it is a pooch), and regular clothes (at least for most of us mortals) just don’t fit right away.  And to top it all off, if you are breastfeeding, your postpartum wardrobe must provide easy access.  This is a tall order for a category of clothes that doesn’t even exist.

So what are we left with?  Well, for most of us, it is some hybrid of the maternity clothes that don’t make us feel pregnant, stretchy work-out clothes even though we aren’t doing much working out in the first few weeks (does pushing the double stroller around at a 3.0 pace count?), and maybe some regular clothes that don’t emphasize said regions in a size or two up from our pre-pregnancy size.

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The Importance of Date Night

If I could offer one piece of advice to new parents (or seasoned parents for that matter), it would be to establish a date night if you do not already have one.  It is so easy to get stuck in a rut at home or to only get a sitter when there is a special event or a group of couples that are going out, but you and your significant other need one on one time.

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