Holiday Gift Guide: Part 5 – Gifts $25 and Under

We are in full holiday mode here at the Wolf Den.  B is out of school until 2017, we’ve seen Santa (at least three different times), and my parents are headed our way on Thursday.

I am also heading to my neighborhood white elephant party Tuesday.  We have a great group of almost 80 women who do so much for others during the holidays, and this is our chance to let our hair down, have a few drinks, and spoil each other with inexpensive (but fun) gifts.  Now, to be clear, when we say “white elephant” we actually just mean a nice gift $25 or less (as opposed to a gag gift that is just going to get thrown out and seems pretty wasteful if you ask me).  At first I didn’t think I’d find much for $25 or less, but I was surprised by how many options are out there.  Here is a roundup of some great gift ideas.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3 – Host/Hostess Gifts

Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow, which means holiday party season is around the corner!  Whether you are dropping by for ten minutes or closing down the party, you don’t want to arrive empty-handed.  Read on for my hostess picks.  P.S. – they are all under $40.  Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide: Part 3 – Host/Hostess Gifts”

Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2 – Gifts That Give Back

I love gifting!  I truly have so much fun finding items that are uniquely suited to the recipient, and giving gifts that give back just doubles the fun! Read on for my list of fabulous gifts that also give back to charitable organizations.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1 – The Art Lover

I can’t believe it is already time to start thinking about Christmas shopping!  I’m going to post a series of gift guides between now and mid-December.  Today I am starting off with gifts for the art lover.  Buy them for your art-loving significant other, bestie, sister or sister-in-law, or add them to your own wish list.

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Partners Card Shopping Guide

Hooray!  It is Partners Card time here in Atlanta.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards benefit Camp Twin Lakes (CTL).  CTL is a nonprofit organization that provides year-round recreational, therapeutic, and educational camp programs for children and young adults with serious illnesses, disabilities, and other life challenges.

Y’all, as you can see, it is truly is a win-win situation.  When you purchase one of these cards, you are helping out a very worthy cause and saving yourself 20% on Fall/Winter wardrobe updates, home-goods updates, dining, and early holiday shopping.  The cards cost $60 so if you are planning on spending at least $300 this season, you will make your money back.

If you are local, read on for a list of where I plan to shop with my card.  You can also find a full list of retailers and restaurants here.  If you aren’t local, definitely check and see if your city has a similar card.

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Our Ninth Anniversary & My Etsy Find: Annie Grotophorst

Happy August!  August is not just a hot-hot-hot time in Atlanta — it is the month of our wedding anniversary!  Read on to see the fun gift I commissioned off Etsy to celebrate nine years of wedded-bliss!

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Coffee Table Styling

I struggle to find that perfect balance between bare and cluttered for my coffee tables.  For the coffee table in our den, I generally like to keep it cleared off, with just a few recent magazines and the remote controls so that people can bring in food/drink or my daughter can do a puzzle.

For the coffee table in our living room, however, I like to layer lots of interesting coffee table books, the most recent Architectural Digest, home accessories, candles, flowers, and cocktail napkins.  I want my living room coffee table to beckon you to come, have a drink, light a candle, and grab a book.  I also want everything to mean something.  In my mind, that is what differentiates curated from cluttered.

Hate having anything on your coffee table like I know some of you do?  There is always room for these goodies on a bookcase or side table too. 

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