Napa Valley Guide Part 1: Dining

We had so much fun in Napa celebrating T’s 35th and our 10th Anniversary.  It was just what the doctor ordered, and we returned refreshed, with oodles of wine, and with a bit more wine knowledge.

I thought it would be best to break up our travels in to two posts — (1) dining and (2) drinking.  Read on for a rundown of where we ate in Napa (and a few great places in Sausalito/San Francisco too).

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A Weekend in South Beach

For me, half the fun of a vacation starts well before I arrive at my destination.  It begins with the planning.  I feel a sense of calm wash over me the minute I enter a luxury resort website, and I can taste the drinks and food when I skim restaurant menus and reviews.

Maybe its because I am in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and essentially housebound, but I’ve been dreaming of our weekend in South Beach last November for my 30th birthday, and I wanted to share the details with y’all in case you were thinking about getting a jump start on planning your fall/winter getaway.

I get it.  It’s summer.  The last think you might be craving is heat.  However, in a few short months it will be fall, and then it will be winter (brrrrrrrrr) — and you will want to drink rosé again and you will want to thaw.  I promise. 

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