Photography Love

So I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to posting this Summer.  We’ve been having a busy one, and things are getting even busier as back-to-school nears.  Lately if during the girls’ nap time I am not walking around my house with a paintbrush and a can of paint like a crazy woman painting samples everywhere because we are changing the color of our house (body, trim, shutters, window boxes and all), I’ve taken to admiring beautiful architecture (see prior post) and art online.

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My Spanish/Mediterranean Style Home Infatuation

Let me begin by saying I love our home and we have no plans of moving in the near or even not-so-near future.  However, T and I have always talked about how much fun we’d have purchasing an older home and renovating it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that home may just have to be in the Spanish/Mediterranean style.  Maybe it was my early years spent in San Diego, or Tyler’s entire childhood in Texas, or our love for Spanish food and wine — but we both love this style.  I may have even located said home just a few miles from our current one, and some sleuthing shows it has had the same owner for 40+ years (probably making it the perfect project for when/if it ever goes on the market).

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Mini Project: The Artsy Cork-board

I know I said I wasn’t going to do any big projects this year, but I may have snuck in a mini one.  I was first inspired by my friend Emily’s art wall off of her kitchen in her beautiful home.  She has three kiddos, and a wall full of their sweet creations.

I’ve also been pretty inspired by these Pinterest images.

So 2017 became the year of the art wall here at the Wolf Den.  I decided against a chalkboard (I can’t stand the texture and feeling of chalk) and against anything magnetic (I didn’t want to worry about C swallowing anything magnetic).  Cork seemed like the perfect solution.  I’ll keep the thumbtacks up high and no art (or art attached with tape) down low for now.

Once I decided on materials, I had to find a spot.  Our kitchen doesn’t have any big open walls, but we do have this odd area between our kitchen and our den.  It was almost like an entryway to the den — complete with totally useless glass double doors.  Anyway, I really wanted a big wall to put all of B’s (and one day C’s) masterpieces, and this seemed to be one of my only options.  I also liked that it led in to a relatively casual area.  As much as I love my kiddo’s art, I didn’t want it visible from the dining room or formal living room for obvious reasons.

Here is the before (full side).

Here is the before (half side)

Here is the after (full side).

Here is the after (half side).

First things first, I had the doors removed and the door jams covered up so you couldn’t tell doors were missing from the space.  Then I got my super duper handy man (see my closet post and future kitchen banquette/extra refrigerator and freezer drawers post for his handy work) to frame out some custom cork boards for each wall.

I originally wanted to do two full size cork boards — one on either side.  I will forever love symmetry.  But, after realizing it would be an odd shape to work around the light switches, I opted for a half board on that side.  I figure that I can always put a chalk board or magnetized board when the girls get a little older down below.

If you are looking hard at some of the photos above, you may also be wondering why I invested in cork boards and not in a paint job.  I guess I am just being a realist — I am just as sure that my children will mark up the walls as I am sure that they will bring home art.  So, it was an obvious decision for now.

This wall makes me so happy.  Even before we had children, I had always dreamed of seeing my little ones’ first masterpieces.  I can’t wait to rotate the art and add some of sweet C’s one day.

Right now I am using the half size board for B’s class photos and birthday party invitations (so I don’t want to post a photo of that for her classmates’ anonymity sake).  I am keeping the junky stuff (calendar, bills, other random stuff) in our mudroom on a different cork board to keep the clutter away from this space.

What do you think?  I just love how versatile it will be as the seasons change and our kiddos grow.  The full size board will be the perfect display area for all of our Christmas cards in December.

Stay tuned for my pantry overhaul.  I am emptying out the entire thing Saturday and filling it with lots of Container Store goodness.

My Latest Artist Crushes

I love the transformative power of art.  It is amazing how bringing one piece (even if it is as small as 9″ x 12″) in to a given room can dramatically change the vibe.

I like to think that I appreciate all styles and mediums of art.  Lately, I’ve been crushing pretty hard on these four Southern artists.

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Otomi Obsession

I’ve always loved Otomi — and not just because it immediately conjures up visions on the salty margaritas and warm weather we enjoyed on our honeymoon at the gorgeous One & Only Palmilla in Cabo (the source of the beautiful headboard pictured above).  Otomi is such a festive print that is just as at home in the most formal of living rooms as it is in the most disastrous of playrooms — which is why I believe it has a place in every casa.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1 – The Art Lover

I can’t believe it is already time to start thinking about Christmas shopping!  I’m going to post a series of gift guides between now and mid-December.  Today I am starting off with gifts for the art lover.  Buy them for your art-loving significant other, bestie, sister or sister-in-law, or add them to your own wish list.

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Powder Room Ponderings

I’ve recently promised myself that I wouldn’t tackle any interior design projects for a year.  We’ve been in our house for over three years now, and the first three years demanded a lot of time and funds to get things situated.  In that time period, we went from a charming little two bedroom house to our much larger five bedroom house and from having no kids to two kids.

removeNow that my daughter’s big girl room is done, I am taking a break until next Fall.  I promise.  I promise.  But, until then, I can dream and scheme of my next project . . . the powder room.

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An Eclectic Big Girl Room

I love all things interior design, and although I had lots of help with most of my house (thank you Emily at Wyatt Designs), I really wanted to tackle the nursery, play room and any potential big girl or big boy rooms on my own — mostly because I didn’t want to break the bank on a child’s room, but also because kiddo spaces are the spaces I find the most joy in decorating.  I am still not ruling this out as a potential career because at some point I will stop having my own kid’s rooms to decorate . . .

I began planning my daughter’s big girl room around the same time I started thinking about her nursery.  Once we found out we were expecting another girl last fall, I decided that the current nursery would stay the nursery and started to implement my ideas for the big girl room.

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Our Ninth Anniversary & My Etsy Find: Annie Grotophorst

Happy August!  August is not just a hot-hot-hot time in Atlanta — it is the month of our wedding anniversary!  Read on to see the fun gift I commissioned off Etsy to celebrate nine years of wedded-bliss!

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Coffee Table Styling

I struggle to find that perfect balance between bare and cluttered for my coffee tables.  For the coffee table in our den, I generally like to keep it cleared off, with just a few recent magazines and the remote controls so that people can bring in food/drink or my daughter can do a puzzle.

For the coffee table in our living room, however, I like to layer lots of interesting coffee table books, the most recent Architectural Digest, home accessories, candles, flowers, and cocktail napkins.  I want my living room coffee table to beckon you to come, have a drink, light a candle, and grab a book.  I also want everything to mean something.  In my mind, that is what differentiates curated from cluttered.

Hate having anything on your coffee table like I know some of you do?  There is always room for these goodies on a bookcase or side table too. 

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