Coffee Table Styling

I struggle to find that perfect balance between bare and cluttered for my coffee tables.  For the coffee table in our den, I generally like to keep it cleared off, with just a few recent magazines and the remote controls so that people can bring in food/drink or my daughter can do a puzzle.

For the coffee table in our living room, however, I like to layer lots of interesting coffee table books, the most recent Architectural Digest, home accessories, candles, flowers, and cocktail napkins.  I want my living room coffee table to beckon you to come, have a drink, light a candle, and grab a book.  I also want everything to mean something.  In my mind, that is what differentiates curated from cluttered.

Hate having anything on your coffee table like I know some of you do?  There is always room for these goodies on a bookcase or side table too. 

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Dining out in Atlanta – Part II

Welcome to Part II of my Atlanta restaurant guide.  Here you will find my favorite breakfast, brunch, casual lunch, coffee and sweet treat spots.

Once again, look for the * for my kid-friendly denotations and kid tips.

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Dining out in Atlanta – Part I

We’ve lived in Atlanta for eight years now, and it really feels like home.  Atlanta is where we bought our first house, where I attended and graduated law school, where we bought our second house, where our daughter was born, where we started (and for me quit) out first adult jobs, and where we found our inner foodies.

The Atlanta dining scene has come such a long way since we first moved here, and it continues to evolve.  Here is a guide to some of our favorite spots.

Visiting Atlanta?  I hope you find this guide helpful.   Living in Atlanta?  I hope you find some of your favorites on here and try out some new ones.  

Kiddos in tow?  Look for the * for my kid-friendly denotations and kid tips.

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My 5-Minute Face

I am by no means a makeup application expert, nor do I typically wear that much product, but I thought I’d share the fabulous products that give me a little lift.  I can get all of this done in under five minutes, and the only time I vary it is for date night, a black tie event, or a night out with the girls (and even then, it is just about adding a little more to my eyes or lips).  I guess you can say I have a 5-minute face and a 6.5-minute face.

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Revisiting our Wedding Registry (A Decade Later)

It’s been almost a decade since we embarked on creating our wedding registry, and looking back, we totally aced it (which is a little baffling since I was 20 and picking out items I hoped to have forever).  We still use most of the items on a weekly if not daily basis, and we haven’t had to make any major purchases to fill the gaps.  Read on if you are registering or just looking to update or add to your household goods.  I’ve only included things I was happy I registered for or later acquired and love!

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What’s for Dinner: Salmon, Veggies and Coconut Rice with Ginger Scallion Soy Sauce

This is such an easy meal as long as you get your prep done before you start cooking, but the addition of a few special ingredients elevates it beyond your average fish, veggie and rice meal.  I’m telling you, you may never look at rice the same.

This is also a great meal to make as a couple.  You can send your significant other to the grill with the salmon and a glass of white wine or Sapporo while you cook the rest inside.

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A Weekend in South Beach

For me, half the fun of a vacation starts well before I arrive at my destination.  It begins with the planning.  I feel a sense of calm wash over me the minute I enter a luxury resort website, and I can taste the drinks and food when I skim restaurant menus and reviews.

Maybe its because I am in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and essentially housebound, but I’ve been dreaming of our weekend in South Beach last November for my 30th birthday, and I wanted to share the details with y’all in case you were thinking about getting a jump start on planning your fall/winter getaway.

I get it.  It’s summer.  The last think you might be craving is heat.  However, in a few short months it will be fall, and then it will be winter (brrrrrrrrr) — and you will want to drink rosé again and you will want to thaw.  I promise. 

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A Playroom to Grow In

I made a somewhat unconventional decision to put our playroom on the second floor.  The way I saw it, we had our master, our daughter’s nursery, and two extra rooms (one of which was a guest room at the time) — why not turn the other one into a playroom?  Why should we all suffer in the basement with little-to-no natural light?  Why should our den be completely taken over by kiddo toys?  No thank you!

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Glazed Lemon Loaf

Happy 4th everyone!  We just devoured the most delicious breakfast — homemade lemon loaf, Webb’s chicken sausage, and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  In case you are a Starbuck’s Lemon Loaf addict like me, I wanted to share this recipe from Averie Cooks.

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What’s in My Target Shopping Cart (4th of July Weekend Edition)

Happy 4th of July Weekend!  I am coming at you with a quick PSA – Target is having a sale on clothes – which means the already great deals just got even better.   Use promo code FIREWORKS for 30% off.*

The quality of clothes in this price range can be so hit or miss, so I highly suggest stocking up when you find a good quality piece at such a great price.

See the widget below to see what is in my bag.  We have and LOVE the Cherokee tanks.   I am buying them in size 3T for next summer.  They are very soft and perfect for summer play dates (that almost always end with a popsicle or ice-cream) or summer camp (that almost always involves paint or chalk).   Same goes for the eyelet shorts and Circo shorts.  We already have them in 2T, but I am buying in 3T for next summer.

I am also ordering this Little Tikes trampoline.  My daughter is obsessed with trampolines, and who doesn’t love a good indoor activity for toddlers in this summer heat?  It is also half price.  Score!

*Update – this may have expired Sunday, although keep your eye out for new promotion as Target is always offering something.