The Last Breakfast of 2016: Whole Wheat Waffles

Happy almost 2017 everyone!  Thank you to all of my readers who’ve supported me since I started this blog back in April.  It truly makes me giddy to hear that y’all tried some of my recipes or ordered something off of my gift guide.  It has been so much fun working on this blog during nap time, and I am so excited for where I am going to take this blog in the new year.  Stay tuned for updates.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, my goal for 2017 is to eliminate (as much as possible) processed foods from my family’s diet.  It didn’t occur to me that this meant saying good bye to my husband’s delicious waffles that he grew up eating until he offered to make them this morning to bid a proper goodbye to 2016 breakfasts.

Bless his heart, he set out to make them with whole wheat flour, and it worked!  Y’all – they might even be better than they were with the enriched flour.   I’m not kidding.   Oh, and I almost forgot to mention good bacon and maple syrup and butter are not processed (wink wink).  Throw in some mixed berries and freshly squeezed OJ and coffee, and you have a winner of a breakfast for the whole family.

Credit for the original recipe goes to my father-in-law.  I should also mention this needs to stand at least three hours (but we always mix up a batch before we go to bed).

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Hello 2017, Bye Bye Processed Foods

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Holidays!  In sharp contrast to my prior post (which included Velveeta laden macaroni and cheese), this post is all about saying Hello to 2017 and Bye Bye to processed foods (and hopefully my remaining baby weight).

This year I asked Santa for the cookbook 100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous by Lisa Leake.  I had seen a few people buzzing about it on Instagram and thought it might be a nice addition to my ever-expanding cookbook shelf.  Lucky me, I got the book on Christmas (thanks Mom), and within 36 hours of unwrapping it, I had already made four recipes (and am planning on making four more this week).

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The Best Baked Macaroni & Cheese (and a look at what else will be on our Christmas Eve table this year)

I have always been a huge macaroni and cheese fan, so of course it makes its way to our Christmas table (especially now that I have a toddler who shares my adoration of all things cheesy and carby).  We usually make a ham at Christmas, and is there a more perfect match for ham?

Read on for my recipe for our holiday macaroni and cheese.  I have been perfecting it over the years, and I promise it will not let you down.  The secret is in the blend of the five cheeses — and Velveeta (yes, liquid gold) is one of them.  No matter how hard some may try, you simply cannot have a deliciously creamy mac and cheese without at least some Velveeta.  You just can’t.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Part 5 – Gifts $25 and Under

We are in full holiday mode here at the Wolf Den.  B is out of school until 2017, we’ve seen Santa (at least three different times), and my parents are headed our way on Thursday.

I am also heading to my neighborhood white elephant party Tuesday.  We have a great group of almost 80 women who do so much for others during the holidays, and this is our chance to let our hair down, have a few drinks, and spoil each other with inexpensive (but fun) gifts.  Now, to be clear, when we say “white elephant” we actually just mean a nice gift $25 or less (as opposed to a gag gift that is just going to get thrown out and seems pretty wasteful if you ask me).  At first I didn’t think I’d find much for $25 or less, but I was surprised by how many options are out there.  Here is a roundup of some great gift ideas.

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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe Winter Skincare

This cold weather is really drying out my skin.  To top it all off, I am still breastfeeding C and trying to avoid any harmful ingredients in my skincare.  I am looking at you retinoids, salicylic acid and parabens.

For all of you pregnant or breastfeeding mamas out there (or for anyone who wants to avoid all of the icky stuff), these three products are amazing.  They are the last things I put on my face at night and the first things I put on my face in the morning.

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Mason Jar Greek Salad with Chickpeas and Wheat Berries

Y’all, lunch was getting pretty sad around here.  Every day around 12:00, lunch would sneak up on me.  You’d think I wouldn’t be surprised by something that happens every day (especially when I have a tiny mouth to feed at that same time), but for some reason lunch became something I expected to appear out of thin air.

I’ve grown sick of eating deli meat straight from the fridge dipped in mustard or making a sad PB&J.  I really do prefer to eat healthy but find that the healthier lunch options often take more time than the not-so-healthy ones.  So, I am taking charge by assembling these mason jar salads on Sunday evenings (and maybe Thursday mornings depending on what I have going that week).

P.S. If you are really on top of things, you’ll also have some of my energy bites in the fridge for the week.  Then you really won’t have any excuses for not eating clean and yummy foods (at least until dinner – which I know can be an entirely different challenge some days).  If you don’t have time to make those, pick up some Perfect Bars.  They are my new addiction.  The almond butter flavor is my favorite. 

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