Herb Garden Scheming

Image via Southern Living’s Blog — The Daily South

I am already scheming for an herb garden this Spring.  In an ideal world, I’d also have a vegetable garden (and some chickens) going on in our backyard too, but I think I will save that for another year.

As I am writing this, I feel super old.  I never thought I would be this excited about planting an herb garden, but I now choose to look at it as being super hip (wink wink).

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A Week of Menu Planning from 100 Days of Real Food

We’ve been loving our 100 Days of Real Food cookbooks here at the Wolf Den.  I’ve made countless recipes from them, but the week of 1/30 is the first week I am setting out to cook almost every single meal from them.

The plan below contemplates two grocery trips — one on Saturday morning and one on Wednesday morning.

When I am able to make it to the grocery store definitely dictates the order of my dishes.  For example, I am doing fish tacos on Wednesday night because I know my fish will be fresh (or as fresh as it can be when I am getting it from the grocery store) from that day’s trip to Whole Foods after B’s ballet class.  I wouldn’t try fish tacos on Tuesday, because my fish would be four days old at that point.  Yuck.  As I get further away from my most recent shopping trip, my dishes become more and more vegetarian.

Other things that influence what I’ve picked for a given day is what day it is.  I always like to limit what I have to cook on Fridays, and I try to make a bigger more exciting breakfast on either Saturday or Sunday.  We also do freshly squeezed OJ or grapefruit juice on whatever day we have our bigger breakfast.

Also, when I can, I try to budget in some meal prep on the weekends when T is around to help with the girls.  Anything that needs to be done during the week I either try to do it when B is at school and C is napping or when both girls are taking their afternoon naps.  If all else fails, I just cook when its time and don’t do anything ahead of time since none of these recipes require too much prep anyway.

Read on for a more detailed look at one week of menu planning.

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Riced Cauliflower Recipes

So we are a few weeks in to 2017, and we’ve been making a serious effort to cut out processed foods.  If I am being honest, it really hasn’t been that hard.  Good cheese just tastes better than the processed stuff, I actually prefer brown rice to white rice, fruit tastes even sweeter when you haven’t had refined sugar all day long, and I am dropping weight despite having a crazy few weeks which left me with a glass or two of wine in my hand (even on weeknights) and with zero time to exercise.

One of my recent discoveries since we’ve been trying to cut out a lot of the junk is riced cauliflower.  Y’all, I am officially in love.  The secret is that you have to accept it for what it is (a veggie) and can’t look at it as imitation rice (although the best recipes often treat it as rice).  Call me crazy, but I don’t like to think of anything I am eating as a deprived substitute for something else.  Instead, I like to think of it as a delicious alternative.

I promise, riced cauliflower is surprisingly versatile and delicious.  Even my very skeptical husband loves it.  I made it once from scratch, but ever since I found the pre-done riced cauliflower bags in the freezer section of my Whole Foods, I’ve never returned because it can be a bit messy and a little time consuming to make yourself.  I’ve heard you can also find it at Trader Joe’s.

Read on for my simple recipe and for five other recipes I am going to try.

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Alice Kathleen & Company Spring/Summer 2017

I am hosting a Spring/Summer 2017 Alice Kathleen & Company trunk show next month and can’t wait to receive my trunk!  I know I will have countless favorites once I get to touch and feel every item, but I am already swooning over so many pieces online.

There are a lot of great children’s clothing designers out there, but I am always impressed by the quality and attention to detail in AK’s pieces.  Take a look at some of these gorgeous items for boys and girls (sizes 3 months to size 14).

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Our Favorite Toddler Toys

Now that Christmas has passed, I’ve had some time to reorganize our playroom and take stock of what toys are being used and what toys are better off on the higher shelves.

Read on for my almost-3-year-old’s most used toys from 2016.  These would all make great additions to your 2 or 3 year old’s playroom, and they’d also be fantastic 2nd or 3rd birthday presents. Continue reading “Our Favorite Toddler Toys”

Cocktail Shaker Iced Coffee

Cocktails for breakfast!  Just kidding.  As I write this and after I’ve made one of these yummy iced coffees, there are two men installing a TV in my bedroom who probably heard my cocktail shaker going at 9:00 am, so I am pretty sure they think I am a little intense . . .

But seriously y’all, this recipe I dreamed up after being inspired by the iced latte at Kale Me Krazy elevates your hum drum iced coffee without any added refined sugars and with a boost of good-for-you ceylon cinnamon.

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Toddler & Baby Girl: Spring/Summer 2017 Preview

Well it is officially Winter in Atlanta.  I’ve always been more of a Fall/Winter kind of girl — until I became a girl mom.  They are so much more fun to dress when the weather is warm.  Here is a look at what I am eyeing for Spring / Summer for the girls for all of your early bird orderers out there (or for those of you who are headed somewhere warm this Winter).  If this doesn’t warm you up, I don’t know what will. Continue reading “Toddler & Baby Girl: Spring/Summer 2017 Preview”