A Year of Blogging

It has officially been one year since I ventured in to the blogosphere.  Thank you to all of my readers — whether you’ve only stopped by to read one particular post or have read each and every one.  Blogging has been so much fun for me and, if I am being honest, it has helped me organize my own thoughts and has kept me from getting bored (or watching too much TV) during the girls’ nap time.  It may have also kept me from exercising during their nap time, but that is neither here nor there. 

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Breakfast and Lunch Game Changer

Image via Daily Harvest

As I write this, I am dreaming of the carrot coconut soup I had yesterday for lunch and wish I was having again today.  It had organic spiralized carrots, organic coconut, organic tomato, organic spinach, cauliflower, organic bell pepper, ginger, garlic, madras curry, ginseng and a few other ingredients.

Oh, and did I mention I made it in two minutes flat?  All I did was remove the cup of soup from my freezer, fill it to the top with coconut milk (from a can that I had in my pantry), and dump it all in to a saucepan until combined and hot.  If you are taking this to work, there are microwave instructions for easy heating too.  So where did I find this magical concoction you ask?  Read on for my source . .

*This post isn’t sponsored.  I just really love the service. 

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Living the Wolf Style: Adult Swimsuit Edition

This photo is almost two years old, but it is the most recent photo I have of myself with B in a non-maternity bathing suit since I was super pregnant with C all last summer.  Other than a brief weekend in South Beach (see prior post), I haven’t worn much non-maternity swimwear over the past couple of years.

Needless to say, I am in dire need of some swimwear updates.  I’ve tried on countless swimsuits and feel like I’ve finally got a few I can be excited about wearing this pool season.  Read on for some swimwear shopping tips and for my picks for this season.

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Updating My Workout Wardrobe

I am finally within a few pounds of my pre-baby #2 weight, so I recently went shopping for new workout gear to keep me from looking frumpy now that some of my gear is too big.  Plus – is there anything more motivating than new workout gear?  Mama now needs some motivation to get her to pre-baby #1 weight.

I was pleasantly surprised by all of the goodies out there right now.   My exercise of choice lately is FlyWheel and walking (or should I say double stroller pushing?), and all of the items I’ve included in this post have been working out great.  I plan on picking Barre3 back up in the Fall, and I am sure these would all work great for that too.

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