My Latest Artist Crushes

I love the transformative power of art.  It is amazing how bringing one piece (even if it is as small as 9″ x 12″) in to a given room can dramatically change the vibe.

I like to think that I appreciate all styles and mediums of art.  Lately, I’ve been crushing pretty hard on these four Southern artists.

Ken Horne 

I first discovered Ken’s work through Julie Wynne Jones Art.  E-mail her for the index of available works if you are looking to adorn your walls– you won’t be disappointed.

Ken’s work just makes me happy.  The movement in his works and his use of color somehow strike the perfect balance between childlike and sophisticated.  These pieces would be just as at home in a playroom or young child’s room as it would in a formal living room.

Images via Ken Horne’s website linked above

Judy Shreve

My husband and I stumbled across Judy’s work at Trinity School’s Spotlight on Art this past weekend (P.S. if you are in Atlanta and are looking to purchase some art or jewelry or you’d simply like to look at pretty things – this event is not to be missed), and we had to scoop up a piece for over our mantle in our den.

Although they had her work in the “folk art” section, I am reminded of the Surrealist painters like Dali when I look at her work (shout out to W&L’s Art History department).  That is what is so great about art — it can mean one thing to someone and something entirely different to someone else.

B is particularly intrigued by the grey pig and the dogs on wheels in the painting we so joyously acquired last weekend.

Image via Judy’s website linked above

I think this piece would be so fun in a kitchen.  It’s called “What’s for Dinner” — naturally.

Image via Judy’s website linked above

Lindsey J Porter

I am in love with Lindsey’s work — and I think her work was destined to be in my home given that she studied at SCAD (the fabulous school in Savannah where I grew up) and that she is currently showing her work at a gallery within walking distance of my parent’s house in Birmingham, Alabama.

Her Calder-esque pieces are swoon worthy.

Image via Lindsey’s website linked above

And this botanical piece has my heart and is just aching to be in my entryway.  This piece has sold but Lindsey accepts commissions for works in this similar style in a variety of sizes.

Image via Lindsey’s website linked above

Hannah Lane

I also had the pleasure of discovering Hannah’s work at Spotlight on Art.  She paints in Nashville, and I am just loving her “crowd” series.  For whatever reason, I see a beautiful choir when I look at these joyous works.  What do you see?

Images via Hannah’s website linked above

Happy collecting!  I’d love to hear from y’all if you have some art crushes you’d like to share.

Of course, you can always visit my older (but still very much crushed upon) crushes here.

On a related note, I am thinking of putting up a large cork board (and maybe a magnetic board too) to hang all of B’s (and one day C’s) artwork.  After all, they are my biggest art crushes.

I am thinking something along these lines off this of our kitchen would do the trick.

Image via Young House Love

Image via Apartment Therapy

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