Mother/Daughter Weekend in NYC

My Mom and I haven’t taken a girls’ trip in years but we more than made up for it in New York last weekend.  We had a blast, and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing (except for maybe having some more time).  Read on for my thoughts on our weekend.


The Greenwich Hotel (Tribeca)

Image Via The Greenwich Hotel’s Website

We stayed at this beautiful hotel and couldn’t be happier with our decision.  The folks over at the Greenwich Hotel did not miss a thing — ANYWHERE.  From the subtle and serene scent that seems to waft through the entire hotel to the gorgeous and relaxing living areas to the most delicious peppermint tea I’ve ever had — it just couldn’t have been better.

Every layer of the hotel came together to provide the most sumptuous but also inviting environment.  The Greenwich should really have its own filter on Instagram, and it would be the most flattering of all I am sure.  Check out this tile in the lobby.

Speaking of lobbies – there was a public lobby (see first photo of my post) and a living room reserved only for guests (fittingly called the drawing room).  Check out it out.

Image Via The Greenwich Hotel’s Website

Our room had the same vibe of the common areas.  So many New York hotels have gorgeous common areas but sad, almost dorm-like rooms.  Not the Greenwich.  As far as I can tell, each of the 80+ rooms are different and so well thought out.  Here are some of my photos of our King room.

How many hotel rooms have wide plank hardwoods and gorgeous area rugs?

And this little banquette area could pull double duty for the work traveller or the pleasure traveller who would like some room service.

Here is a look at some of the other rooms thanks to photos from the hotel’s website.

Some of the fancier digs are complete with their own bathtub and private sauna.

And others have their own fireplace.

Those of you high rollers can spring for the Tribeca Penthouse (one of three penthouses at the hotel) and enjoy this spectacular outdoor space.

No matter your room choice, all of the mini bar drinks and snacks are complimentary (except for the alcohol).

Our shower was pretty spectacular.  It contained the first rain head shower I’ve experienced that felt like a downpour instead of a drizzle.  I never wanted to get out.   The organic toiletries (from Red Flower) were top notch and smelled like heaven.  The lip balm is my new favorite.

If you are hoping to see some celebrities in their relaxed and natural habitat, this hotel is the place for you.  I saw quite a few during our less than two day stay.  Robert DeNiro owns the hotel, so that may have a lot to do with it, but I also suspect it is because of the sheer perfection of the hotel itself.  You can spot Mr. DeNiro’s gorgeous artwork around the hotel.

Room service and drawing room service are available from Locande Verde (which is right next to the hotel and has its own private entrance from the public lobby).  Or, you can always bring your own Crack Pie from Milk Bar and politely ask the confused but amenable waiter for two plates and two forks but nothing to eat like I did one afternoon.

I think I was extolling the virtues of the pie to my Mom in this moment.

Just beyond the doors of the hotel’s drawing room is a gorgeous courtyard.  My Mom and I had a drink outside (alongside a certain twin from Full House) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but I can only imagine its potential in warmer months.

The basement spa and pool looked fab too.

If there is any con to the hotel it may be the location depending on your plans while in NYC.  We took quite a few long Uber rides to get ourselves uptown, but it was also kind of nice to retreat away from that scene at the end of the day.


Polo Bar

Image via the Polo Bar’s Website

We miraculously made it to the Polo Bar for our 5:30 pm reservation on Friday night.  We had a good 8 minutes to throw our bags in the room and change clothes before we had to race uptown.  According to the front desk at our hotel, they do not hold your table at this restaurant . . .

Once we arrived, we were instantly at ease with martinis in hand.  Our popovers were delicious and just what we needed after foolishly skipping lunch because of our travel schedule.

We split the most gorgeous (and more importantly delicious) shrimp cocktail and a chopped vegetable salad.

And I had to document what is perhaps the most gorgeous potty in NYC.  Please excuse the bathroom selfie.

My Veal Milanese was insane.  So insane I did not even bother to take a photo of it before digging in.  If you find yourself here and are not opposed to veal (I know I know), do yourself a favor and order it.  Trust me.  My mom was mucho jealous.

We finished off our meal with a deliciously decadent peanut butter and chocolate mouse layered dessert and headed off to our show (hence the 5:30 pm reservation).  Speaking of reservations, it isn’t always easy to get one here.  If you are staying at a hotel, I’d suggest reaching out to the concierge to let them know your plans so that they can snag you one (they start taking reservations exactly one month out).

Laduree (Soho)

We needed fuel before our day of shopping, and what better place to wake up over a cup of coffee and some French pastries?

Honestly, we came for the macarons but stayed for the breakfast.  The palmier (elephant ear pastry) was quite possibly the best bite of food I had in NYC and is second only to ones I’ve had in Paris.  Our eggs and bacon were perfectly cooked, our avocado was sufficiently ripe, and our cream for our coffee was even heated.  A+

Check out this gorgeous patio and outdoor bar.  Beyond it is an even more gorgeous courtyard.

BG at Bergdorf Goodman

After Laduree we did a little bit of shopping at Saks (naturally) and before we knew it it was time for lunch.  Since I couldn’t journey to NYC without a visit to Bergdorf’s home department, I figured we should grab lunch at BG.

BG has a gorgeous view of Central Park and an equally stunning interior.

Image via BG’s Website

We both ordered a glass of Sancerre and the Gotham Salad with mustard dressing.  I am currently searching for the recipe for that addictive dressing.

Babbo (Greenwich Village)

It was so hard to pick just one restaurant for our last night in NYC.  I thought about a repeat of T and my favorites (Marea and The Little Owl) but thought that my Mom and I should try something new.

My Mom and I were seated at a romantic booth for two where we sat next to each other (ha), and we indulged in sardines for an appetizer (which were perfectly balanced with the fennel), black spaghetti with rock shrimp, spicy salami calabrese and green chilies for me, fettuccinie with asparagus and pancetta for her, and scallops for both of us.

Everything was divine, but the scallops were the standout.  They had the perfect sear and just a touch of briny sweetness.  Yum.  Once again, I did not even bother to photograph my entree.  Mostly because I still feel a little silly photographing my food and also because I was ready to dive in.

Locande Verde (Tribeca)

We had a perfectly delicious breakfast at Locande Verde before heading to the airport.  Everything from the eggs to the coffee to the scones were spot on.  It looked like they had an even better brunch, and my neighbor who used to live in NYC says they have a great dinner.  From what I could see and smell when people in the drawing room ordered food, everything must be great.



Okay so I will be the first to admit that I am not a “show” kind of person.  I’d much rather spend my time doing almost anything else.  However, my Mom is quite the opposite and she is my Mom — so I decided to indulge her Broadway desires and force myself to eat dinner at 5:30 pm and go to an 8:00 pm show on Friday.

I am so happy I did because Waitress was a great show.  Even the Theater itself was charming.  It probably helped that Sarah Bareilles (who wrote the songs for the musical) was also guest starring in the lead role and that it was food-related.  I may have even shed a few tears at the end . . .


Like many people traveling over the past few days, we experienced some delays.  Luckily, we were able to retreat to the Delta Sky Club at both ATL (delayed 1.5 hours) and LGA (delayed closer to 3 hours).

The airports were both such a cluster that there was literally no place to sit at the gate or at any restaurant, and who doesn’t love a good bloody mary to kick off your weekend?

Or a glass of wine and some macarons to de-stress about missing the kiddos bed time on your way home?

Happy travels!  I am ready to do it all over again!

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