Breakfast and Lunch Game Changer

Image via Daily Harvest

As I write this, I am dreaming of the carrot coconut soup I had yesterday for lunch and wish I was having again today.  It had organic spiralized carrots, organic coconut, organic tomato, organic spinach, cauliflower, organic bell pepper, ginger, garlic, madras curry, ginseng and a few other ingredients.

Oh, and did I mention I made it in two minutes flat?  All I did was remove the cup of soup from my freezer, fill it to the top with coconut milk (from a can that I had in my pantry), and dump it all in to a saucepan until combined and hot.  If you are taking this to work, there are microwave instructions for easy heating too.  So where did I find this magical concoction you ask?  Read on for my source . .

*This post isn’t sponsored.  I just really love the service. 

I am talking about Daily Harvest.  Daily Harvest is kind of like Blue Apron for smoothies and soups — except you don’t have to prep or cook (just heat or blend)!  And the cups have (mostly) organic ingredients.  And they are composed entirely of real food!  And they make great breakfast, lunch, snack, or light dinner options!

I have to thank my friend Emily for recommending this service.  I don’t know if I’d ever have found it without her.  After just two shipments, it is safe to say that I will stay a subscriber for the foreseeable future.  Even though Daily Harvest is first and foremost a smoothie delivery service, I’d stay a subscriber just for the soups alone — the miso was delicious (but very salty for those of you who do not enjoy salt), and the carrot coconut soup is what dreams are made of.  I am going to try the zucchini soup in my next order and have high hopes for that one.

But, if you aren’t a soup person, they have fourteen smoothies for you to choose from (a number that is sure to keep you from getting bored with your smoothie routine).  My favorites so far are the Cold Brew + Almond and the Strawberry + Peach.

Image via Daily Harvest

Image via Daily Harvest

And I can’t wait to try this mango beauty arriving with my next order.

Image via Daily Harvest

And maybe one day I will be brave enough to try this green monster.

Image via Daily Harvest

My next mission is to get my almost three year old to try the smoothies.  She has enjoyed the smoothies I’ve made from home in the past, so I think it is very likely she will go for these.  I am guessing the Chocolate + Blueberry will be my best chance for success.

*Update – she loved the chocolate and blueberry!  It warmed my heart to see her devour a cup full of superfoods!


You can sign up for as little as six cups per week and pause deliveries whenever you see fit.  So if you don’t think you will consume almost one cup per day, you can store them in your freezer and skip the following week or two.  The website is super easy to navigate, so this shouldn’t cause any headaches.

When you choose the smallest subscription, the cups are $7.99 each inclusive of tax and delivery.  I know this isn’t exactly a bargain, but if you are short on time and wanting to eat healthy, it is a great option.  I know that my favorite local smoothie place charges $9 and up for a similar smoothie and one of the go-to soup places here in Atlanta charges $7 for a bowl of soup, so I save a bit and get the convenience of being able to make them at home whenever I want one (and knowing that they are all real and mostly organic ingredients).

These will prove especially handy on future swim team practice and school carpool mornings I am sure.  The only downside is that I have to clean the blender . . .

Interested?  Hope on over to Daily Harvest and give it a try.  Use the embedded link so that you will get two cups for free with your first order of 6 or more.   A $50 or $100 gift certificate would also make an amazing gift to a new Mom or an overworked friend.

Just make sure you have some of the following on hand so that you can have the appropriate “mixer” for your soup or smoothie (they make suggestions on the side of the cup).  Water will work in a pinch, but I’d recommend getting some extra nutrients in with a mixer.

Coconut milk
Coconut water
Almond milk

Bon appétit!  Happy sipping!

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