My Spanish/Mediterranean Style Home Infatuation

Let me begin by saying I love our home and we have no plans of moving in the near or even not-so-near future.  However, T and I have always talked about how much fun we’d have purchasing an older home and renovating it.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that home may just have to be in the Spanish/Mediterranean style.  Maybe it was my early years spent in San Diego, or Tyler’s entire childhood in Texas, or our love for Spanish food and wine — but we both love this style.  I may have even located said home just a few miles from our current one, and some sleuthing shows it has had the same owner for 40+ years (probably making it the perfect project for when/if it ever goes on the market).

There aren’t too many Spanish style homes in Atlanta (at least not as many as you’d see down in Sea Island or in California, Florida or Texas), but the ones that are here seem to have gotten it right which is saying a lot because boy can it go so wrong . . .

Check out these two beauties from around town.

Image via Dwell (Photographed by Gregory Miller)

Image via Limestone and Boxwoods Instagram 

Or we could just move to Santa Barbara . . .

Image via Santa Barbara Magazine

For me, the real beauty in Spanish style homes is in its details.  The tiled roofs, varying roof heights, iron accents, arched doorways, gorgeous terra cotta tiles, inner courtyards — it all just does it for me.

Check out the arches and tiles in this beautiful abode.

Image via Mark D. Sikes — Laurel Beebe House & Garden 

The beams don’t hurt either.

Photo © Jessica Comingore for Chris Barrett Design

Especially when they are paired with gorgeous floor tiles and arched windows . . .

Christina Markatos Design 

I also adore the tasteful yet vibrant tile accents seen in so many Spanish/Mediterranean style homes.

Image via Architectural Digest (Photograph by Amy Bartlam)

Image via Design Inspiration

Of course, the outdoor area possibilities are endless.

From gorgeous pools . . .

Source Unknown 

To outdoor seating areas with fireplaces . . .

Image via Elle Decor

Image via Architectural Digest

To gorgeous inner courtyards . . .

Image via Architectural Digest

To the coziest of eating areas . . .

Image via The Inspired Room (source unknown)

What do you think?  Do you share my infatuation?  If you do, you may want to head over to my Pinterest Board.

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