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So I’ve been slacking a bit when it comes to posting this Summer.  We’ve been having a busy one, and things are getting even busier as back-to-school nears.  Lately if during the girls’ nap time I am not walking around my house with a paintbrush and a can of paint like a crazy woman painting samples everywhere because we are changing the color of our house (body, trim, shutters, window boxes and all), I’ve taken to admiring beautiful architecture (see prior post) and art online.

I love all forms of art but more recently have become enamored with photography.  Read on for some lust-worthy pieces.

I am obsessed with Julie Blackmon’s photography.   Check out some of these gems to get an idea of her style.

Her series “Domestic Vacations” captures chaotic family life all while portraying the mundane in the most interesting way I can imagine.  My absolute most favorite pieces from her are Floatie and Girl across the Street.

Wouldn’t this piece be precious in a girl’s bathroom?  Or how about in a less obvious place like maybe a dining room?

I love love love this piece for any room but I think it would be especially cheeky in a powder room.  Side note, I think the powder room is a great place for edgy/cheeky art because your guests can really admire it and form their own thoughts in private.  Also, more people will see your entryway than your powder room, so it almost tells your guests that they’ve made it in to a more intimate space in your home where they can get a glimpse of your sense of humor and interests. 

Of course, I couldn’t write a photography post without mentioning the fabulous Gray Malin.  I think this photo from his Marfa series was the first piece of photography T and I ever bought.

His balloon zebras proudly sit above our mantle in our living room.  I can’t tell you how many people think they are real from afar and think we captured them on some safari.  It is pretty fun to tell them to step a little closer and see that they are actually balloons!

This beauty would be pretty sweet (pun intended) in a girl’s room or nursery, and it is available in a lot of different sizes.

I am also pretty obsessed with Josef Hoflehner.  Don’t these black and white photos of various tropical airports take your breath away?  And the people spotting is pretty fun too . . .

His work from his other series is equally fascinating.

Last but not least, I am pretty mad for Harlan Erskine.  His convenience stores series is so cool.  I love how these images are so similar but evoke such different feelings with the mere addition of a car.  With just one car I feel a sense of loneliness, and with two I feel like people are out late and up to no good.

I would love love love one of these for my powder room.  Wouldn’t you just love the juxtaposition of the often stuffy or overdone powder room with the thought of a pit-stop at the local 7-Eleven?

His “Sugar Decay” series is also pretty fascinating.

Who are your favorite photographers?  I know I need to stop by Jackson Fine Art here in Atlanta to gawk at all their beauties one of these days.

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