Hawaiian Trail Mix

Since my Foodie Friday post tomorrow will be a review of Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings, I wanted to post this delicious trail mix.  Happy snacking!

Trail mix is a great snack no matter who you are and what phase of life you are in, but I’ve found it especially great as a busy mom with a toddler and one on the way.  In a pinch, it can count as breakfast or lunch, and it has been known to get me through the afternoon slump and keep me from eating my toddler’s dinner.

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Maternity Must-Haves

Oh maternity clothes.  I have such a love-hate relationship with them. With my first daughter, I was pregnant from August – April.  With my second daughter, I have been pregnant since November and am currently bracing for the summer.  As you can see, I will have been pregnant in every month of the year and dealt with dressing the bump during every season!

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Foodie Friday – Kale Caesar Salad with Spicy Baked Chickpeas

Y’all, this salad is incredible!  It is equal parts delicious and healthy.  Feel free to add your favorite protein if the chickpeas aren’t enough for you.  Grilled salmon or chicken is especially delicious.  Also, the chickpeas are great to make on their own when you are looking for a high-protein salty snack.

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Welcome to the Wolf Den

Hey Y’all!  Welcome to LivingtheWolfStyle.com!  I am a wife and former litigator turned mommy of two girls.  I live in Atlanta and started this blog in April 2016 as an outlet for my love of all of life’s little pleasures — food and drink, interior design, art, fashion, travel, and kiddos.  I hope that you enjoy following this blog half as much as I enjoy writing it.  Come take a peek at what it means to live the Wolf style!